Hello friends, today we discuss in detail about what will be the share price of TCS in 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030.




On the other side of the globe IT SECTOR is India’s number one company with market capitalization of INR 11.49 trillion and one of the most trusted companies of India, has given excellent returns to its shareholders over the years.

If you invest money in the stock market, you should have a company like TCS in your portfolio which will fetch good returns in future.  TCS share is counted among the best shares of India, today through this post we will understand the future share target data of TCS company.


TCS Company is one of the Indian Multinational Information Technology Services and Consultancy Company and its headquarter is in Mumbai (Maharashtra). If we talk about the company, the market capitalization will be 11.49 trillion Indian Rupees in the year 2022 and join the world’s second largest IT company.  Went .  It is a subsidiary company of Tata Group.  It was established in 1968.

TCS Historical share price information :

TCS Share Price History NSE If we talk about TCS share then the current share price is running around Rs.3137.30.  If we talk about its maximum and minimum price, then it had crossed Rs.3800 in November 2019 and in December 2008 the price had gone as low as Rs.117.  It has given very good returns to its share holders over the years.

How many returns has TCS Share given?

Talking about the returns of TCS stock, it has given a return of about 30.28% in one year in 2021, if the data of the last 5 years is seen, it has given returns of up to 209.72% and if we talk till date, it has given returns of up to 2864%.  Is .

TCS Share Financial Track Records :

Image Credit : Nivesguru.com

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Talking about the financial data of TCS company, its net profit was 32,447 crores in March 2020 and has increased to about 32,562 crores in June 2021.  Talking about the total asset of the company, the total asset of the company in March 2021 was Rs 120,899 crore, which was Rs 130,759 crore in the year 2021.  And in 2022 it is 141514 crores.

TCS Bonus Data :

TCS Company has given one ratio one share bonus in the years 2006, 2009 and 2018.

Image Credit : Nivesguru.com

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Share Holdings:

Talking about the shareholding of TCS, promoter stake holding is 72.3% with the company and FII owned 13.5% DII owned 8.36%.  The rest is with mutual funds or the public.

About Peer Companies of TCS :

Competitors of TCS include companies like Infosys, L&T Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra.

TCS company has given very good returns to its shareholding in the past as well.By looking at the chart, it will be known that it will give good returns in the coming future also.  Let us discuss it in detail. Let us discuss in detail about TCS Future Share Price.

TCS Share Price Target 2022 :

TCS company is continuously showing good growth with stability in its results, even during the critical times like Corona epidemic, the company had shown good growth by handling its business very well.

Most of the investors prefer to invest in TCS because of good management in India’s IT sector. This is the reason why you keep on seeing TCS company’s share price rising continuously if you want to target TCS shares for a short term.  So according to seeing these figures in TCS Share Price Target 2022 in front of you, it can be around 3137 and 3220 rupees.

TCS Share Price Target 2022 

First Target  =   3137₹

Second Target = 3220₹

TCS Share Price Target 2023 :

TCS company has shown year by year growth.  Despite the epidemic, its price has kept on increasing.  TCS company has earned a lot of profit for its shareholders.  The name of TICS comes in the best company out of all IT company.  If you talk about a big investor, then the share of the TCS company will be visible in his portfolio. If we talk about TCS Share Price Target 2023, then its target can be seen around Rs 3900 to 4000 and the second target can be seen around Rs 4000 to 4650.

TCS Share Price Target 2023

First Target  =   3900₹

Second Target = 4000₹

TCS Share Price Target 2025 :

The biggest strength of TCS is the management of the company, the power of the Tata Group and the employees who have brought the company to this stage with continuous hard work.  The main reason for Tata is the trust of the people.

TCS invests a lot in implementation along with new innovations from time to time to enhance the work efficiency of its employees. TCS company always keep updating your business and do your work well.Because of which the company gets big deals from abroad.If TCS company is successful in keeping its business updated in the same way in the future as well, then you can see a big boom in the company’s business by 2025. If you look at TCS Share Price Target 2025 technical or fundamental, then according to the figure of TCS share price target, it can be between 5000 to 6500 rupees.

TCS Share Price Target 2025

First Target  =   5000₹

Second Target = 6500₹

TCS Share Price Target 2030 :

The future market and time are of digital marketing.  Growth has been visible in the IT company for the last few years and in the coming time also it is likely to grow very fast.  The company is also working very hard on Artificial Intelligence for the future.If we talk about the company’s fundamentals and growth in TCS Share Price Target 2030, then the price can go from around Rs 9000 to Rs 10000 comfortably.

TCS Share Price Target 2030

First Target  =   9000₹

Second Target = 10000₹

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TCS stock from future point of view:

Looking at the future, TCS appears to be the best company in the IT sector.  Is growing tremendously every year, the fundamental asset management of the company, the brand holding of the Tata Group, everything looks good.  Talking about their business, the pace of business of the company has just started.  As technology is increasing and people will keep connecting, then you will also see business running at a good pace.  If you hold the stock for long term then it has the potential to give good returns, TCS is a powerful IT company.

Law of Stock Market:

The biggest rule of stock market is that before investing you should do your own fundamental technical analysis research of the company.  By which you will know the price of the stock and you will be able to become a successful investor.

Risk in TCS share:

Despite being a company associated with the IT sector, the more opportunities are seen in the future, the more risks are also seen.  The company needs a lot of investment and innovation idea to keep its business updated.  If it fails to change its business over time, then the business of the company has a big impact, and the stock price falls.

Should you invest in TCS Share or not :

The fundamental analysis of TCS company looks very good.  If the best company in IT sector is TICS.  This company presents India as it sector hub in the world.  New ideas and innovations in the sector matter a lot, if anything goes wrong with the company then it can be reversed.  If no one changes with time then there is no future of such company but Tisies is one of the best company in today’s time.  If we see its reports every year, then it is mostly found to be good.  If you want to invest in long term then there is no better company than this.

Expert Opinion :

We should invest in such a company which is likely to show some growth in future. If you ask about TCS stock then it is better to invest in it for long term.  If you invest for mid term also then this will be a good option.  If your portfolio is big then TCS shares must be in it. After doing a lot of deep research about TCS Share Price Target, I have shared the information with you.  If you like the information then don’t forget to share it with your friends.  And if you have any questions and suggestions, do write to us.

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